"I encourage each and every one of you to share your creativity with the world!"

Why do you share my stopmotions with you? I sincerely believe that this is the continuity of the world where I feel good! You demonstrate another facet of art. The drawing is my base, I am an autodidact, I draw, scribble, start again to show you final versions that sometimes shows my flaws too ... but I continue to show them :)

Valentine's Day 2018

Love is a beautiful thing. It's a gift that we all have the ability and daily opportunities to give each other ... even strangers. That's how I was brought up - giving before taking, serving without wanting, and treating others as I would like to be treated. My hope is that this piece will encourage you all to love, today ... and every day after! We may not all be the same, but we each have a heart that deserves a little attention every day! Speaking of hearts, I turn the world into a seed of love ... Happy Valentine's Day


This animation a little more commercial and fun at the same time, a mix of animation and photo for a presentation of my easter table. Have fun and happy easter!

Valentine's Da 2017

Love always! This time, a little more commercial I think because I love my project Dine In Style.

Put some love in what you do

This video reflects my state of disappointment and sadness. I am devastated by people who act like robots without any professionalism. So I started thinking about why and my creativity was creating this animation. If people like what do that will turn into natural beauty and naively I developed it for my country because I think sometimes it needs it when we hear the news, but that's another debate or can -be another animation ...

Party Federation Wallonia-Brussels

Today is the feast of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, for the occasion, leave for all and sun. This is an opportunity to party with different events that offer us the cities but also an opportunity to eat fries with a beer! Happy day to you