I am at the same time, table decorator, staging decor, passionate about contemporary and conceptual art, sculpture and photography. Through this blog, I would like to share with you my passion for creation. Thank you for your visit to my blog.

"I encourage each and every one of you to share your creativity with the world, you simply will not believe the possibilities open to you!"

Art as a way of expressing emotions ...

Art lover from a young age, when my first drawings were on the walls of my room to my delight! Since then, I practice and contemplate it as soon as the opportunity allows me through the fairs, the galleries .., and I share that with you.

Here are some pictures of the Affordable Art Fair in Brussels.

A word about this fair: the Affordable Art Fair exhibits many original paintings, sculptures, photographs and contemporary engravings in a relaxed and friendly environment. Art lovers can choose from a mix of local, national and international galleries featuring a wide variety of affordable works from established artists and rising stars.

Artist: Egon Digon - "bubble"

Artist : Stefan Gross - Raw of flowers

Artist : Marion Delgado - « True Face »

Artist : Cristian De Wulf - « Together » 

Me with the Artist : Gregos

Thanks to @skoda for the wonderful kindergarden - all free!!!


Valentine's Day is an opportunity to say "I love you" To the person you love!

If you opt for a romantic and special tête-à-tête with the person you love, here are some ideas that will help you.To succeed your "Valentine's Day" table decoration, it is necessary to create an accumulation of keys that manifest each one. the feelings you feel.Surprise your darling with a candlelight dinner. Candles, lanterns and light garlands make the atmosphere more romantic and tender.Besides the tasty little dishes and candles, think also of a centerpiece "Valentine's Day" which will be the pillar of your table decoration and create the romantic atmosphere of the evening.

Spread rose petals on the table, add scented candles or candles, hang a DIY wreath in paper hearts. These original elements will make the atmosphere very romantic and warm.

You can also use some vases that are at home by putting the favorite flowers of your lover. If all vases are used or if you do not have one, take wine glasses and put a rose in each - it's very original and elegant

Finally, the color code of this year is the traditional red, but for you to speak your light, do not forget, however, the emblematic object of this day the heart. Place where you want.


 Last year had been marked by the excessiveness, the games of shapes and colors in our living rooms and on our tables, this year the simplicity is back ... with some extravagances!

1. The return of the strict color code: be careful about color mixing

Respect the dominant color that you want to highlight and combine accessories that respect or are at least in the same color range (hot or cold).

Attention also to the games of materials. Apply the same principles and avoid velvet, cotton and linen blends.

2. White remains a safe bet

The white can marry with all the colors (as here, a creation of dineinstyle.be).

If you opt for a white centerpiece, you can easily reuse your golden or silver verrines.

But beware of the other elements of your table: if you choose silver verrines, take out your cutlery and rounds of silver napkins. For a more festive touch, you can also sprinkle your table with silver glitter.

White will allow you to easily reuse your accessories and remains the most economical option.

3. Consider the shape of your table

Respect the geometry of your table for your centerpiece.

A rectangular or square table will be enhanced by a rectangular center table that will highlight its dimensions.

In contrast, a round table will more easily accommodate an oval centerpiece that will play on heights (rather than widths) and use circular or oval objects (such as round candles or vases).

Be careful not to overload! Remember that the main purpose of a party table is to spend a pleasant and comfortable time with family or friends.

4. Feel free to create

Who said that all your table decorations had to be bought? Feel free to create, combine and reuse your creations for a different and unique decor that will show your guests the importance they have for you!

You can work the tissue paper by reworking the shapes according to your wishes. Represent a decor or a character to sparkle the eyes of your guests or use staggered elements to give an atmosphere to your table. Here the fir has been replaced by feathers for more softness.

5. Go for the extravagance ..... but worked!

Although simplicity is back this year, extravagance is still present, but more punctual and worked.

Here, the extravagance is represented by a pink velvet swan, emblem rather summery, to give it a more festive and wintery aspect. The materials and colors have been revisited for a change of seasons and a nostalgia for summer.

6. Have a great holiday season!

Dine In Style wishes you all a very happy Christmas and New Year with your family and friends!